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Privacy Policy is providing you the Privacy Policy in order to validate our commitment to privacy. The following information is gathered to let you know the importance of the data collected during your visit and what we intend to do with that information. This privacy policy is strictly applied to the information gathered on and by no other means. Make sure you go through the privacy policy and terms & conditions before you survey the site.

Collecting Personal Information does not collect your personal information except when you provide it to us directly for your requirement. For example if you are signing up the newsletter weekly you will be asked about your name, email and mailing address etc. We may also use this information for generating the statistics and marketing strategies.

Security of your Personal Information

When you submit your personal information, it means you have agreed with us to gather that information. Don’t worry! We will not use your personal information for any other means without your permission, we will only use the personal information you provided us to respond to your queries or as mentioned in the other sections of the privacy policy. If you do not agree to give your personal information to us, please don’t provide us with it.

Email Address may collect your email address for various reasons. For example, if you give us your email address to enable the email alert service and to send you emails periodically, we may send your email information to our associates and other sections of the company that we think are best to address to your query or to provide you with relevant help. Don’t worry we will not use your email address or any such personal information for any other means. For any query regarding the change of your email address or email alerts, email us at

Online Booking

If you are booking a ticket using our site, we may take your information about the passenger such as name, address, email address and telephone number. Furthermore, we will collect your personal information like date of birth etc. All of your personal data will be stored on our servers. Moreover, your details will be passed onto the supplier for the services. We may pass your information to certain government societies as it is obligatory by regulation.

Payment Details

We accumulate the expense details of your booking transactions. We collect your data to gain payment for amenities and then we remove it from our servers. In some circumstances, we will contact you to confirm the booking details, for the safe process and we will never ask your payment detail through email.


Cookies are small digital files that are stored by your web browser and are recorded on your every visit to the website. They can also be used to track your reappearance on the website later on. We may use the session cookies and persistent cookies both on our website. Session cookies can be deleted from your computer as soon as you close the browser and persistent cookies will be stored on your computer until and unless you don’t delete them or until they are expired. Furthermore, session cookies are used to:

  • Keep a track of your visit to the website
  • Keep a track of the tickets you purchased
  • To avoid any fraud
  • To increase the security of the website

Persistent cookies are used to:

Allow our website to identify you on your visit to the website. Keep a track of your connection with our website.

We use the Google Analytics to analyse the data on and to analyse the usage of the website. Google Analytics creates statistical information of website through cookies that are stored on the user’s computers. The information that is generated in connection to our website will be used to generate reports about the use of website. Google stores this information; you can see the Google’s privacy policy here.


All logs and action are recorded on our server for: Management system purposes. For example:

  • Tracking your activities with the sites.
  • For development reasons: we check where people are mostly visiting and the usefulness of campaigns.

This activity of tracking will catch the IP address of your pages and personal computers when you visit our site. We don’t pass your personal data to third parties; we only use your personal data for finding our faults and errors.

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